Dr. Barbara Bear

 Adolescent, Young Adult, and Adult Psychological Services

Educational and Career Consultant, Executive Coach, Organizational Psychologist, Certified Autism Specialist, Master of Jurisprudence in Child Law and Policy


Dr. Bear sent an anonymous survey to over 200 clients. The results are as follows:

  • 95% of clients reported they would recommend Dr. Bear to family or friends
  • 95% of clients reported they trusted Dr. Bear to make recommendations that were in their best interest
  • 95% agreed or strongly agreed that Dr. Bear helped them understand their mental and physical conditions
  • 95% agreed or strongly agreed that Dr. Bear listens and answers questions
  • 95% agreed or strongly agreed Dr. Bear spends an appropriate amount of time with them
  • 95% rated Dr. Bear's office environment as "very pleasant."


What people are saying about Dr. Bear:

  • "She was always very sweet and attentive. I never felt like she was judging me..."
  • "Dr. Bear has a great style...professional, personable, supportive, rational, and real."
  • "Dr. Bear is very kind and understanding. My children are comfortable and at ease with her."
  • "Dr. Bear always cared. She always went the extra mile for me."
  • "She has made such as positive difference in my life and has led me to great discoveries."
  • "It has been a tailored program that has worked well."
  • "I have been very pleased with the patient care that Dr. Bear has provided. She has helped me deal with a lot of issues and I feel certain that she will over time to help me efficiently as I continue treatment."
  • "Dr. Bear is a very active therapist. She doesn't just sit there and nod her head. She is animated and full of energy."
  • "I love Dr. Bear's sense of humor and how she incorporates it into treatment. She helps me to not sweat the small stuff. She puts it all into perspective."
  • "Great doctor and great encourager for our family. Has helped us though really tough times."
  • "Very personable and easy to talk to. Very comfortable and easy to relate to."
  • "Empathetic, kind"
  • "Dr. Bear is wonderful- a real asset to the Greensboro community"
  • "Dr. Bear changed my life for the better. I always knew I could trust her and she always had the best intentions for me. Plus, I couldn't fool her! She could tell when I was lying and she would call me on it."
  • "Keep that connection you are able to have with your clients. You have a gift connecting with people."
  • "You were really invested in my life. You answered my calls promptly and went the extra mile for me. I will be forever grateful."
  • "Truly is dedicated to her profession and her clients."
  • "Your bed-side manner is wonderful. You are very approachable."
  • "Dr. Bear is easy to talk to and I can tell her anything."
  • "Makes great suggestions for books to read outside of the therapy session. She has really helped me to get to the root of my insecurities."
Dr. Barbara Bear Licensed Counselor in Greensboro North Carolina Specializing in Women's issues